How Can We Offer These Savings?

With our years of experience in the mattress industry, we have built a close relationship with many top vendors and manufacturers. We purchase in bulk and receive original quality name brand mattresses. This allows us to pass on the savings to you. The mattresses could be closeouts, overstocks, discontinued models, floor samples, freight returns or comfort exchanges.

Can I Purchase The Mattress Only?

You can choose to purchase a mattress only. We do offer a complimentary box spring with each mattress purchase so don’t let cost be a factor in your decision. You can’t get any better than free.

How Can I Place An Order?

Browse the website and select your mattress. You can order and pay with secure check out on this site. You can also email sales@discountmattressesonline.com or call 407-577-0581. Specialty mattress inquiries must be made by phone or email. Mattress brands and models are subject to availability.

How Does My Mattress Ship?

Each mattress set is packaged in our shipping warehouse. The mattress is direct shipped to your home.Standard delivery is curb side. You can choose white glove delivery and set up for an additional fee at the check out cart.

Mattress Dimensions:

Choose a mattress that is large enough to accommodate the space you need. Twins are great for children. Full mattresses are a good choice for teenagers or guest rooms. When sharing a mattress, the choice between a queen and king generally comes down to room size, existing bedroom furniture and the space needed between each person. If you like to snuggle close, choose a queen. If you need to stretch out, choose a king. If all else fails, choose the largest mattress size that will fit in the selectedroom with plenty of remaining space.

Twin 39″ w x 75″

Twin XL 39″ w x 80″

Full 54″ w x 75″

Full XL 54″ w x 80″

Queen 60″ w x 80″

Cal King 72″ w x 84″

King 76″ w X 80″

What is the difference between firm, plush and pillow top?

Every mattress is different. A plush mattress refers to softer levels of surface comfort. A pillow top mattress has a layer of materials loosely attached over the entire surface of the mattress resembling a large pillow. The pillow top can be selected with a plush or firm comfort feel. A firm mattress doesn’t have as much “give” as a plush or a pillow top. There is still padding in a firm mattress but a lower gauge coil is used that creates a heavier, stiffer wire. The feel is the deal. Choose the comfort level that feels good to you.

What is a box top or euro top?

These are different variations of the pillow top style. The box top pillow consists of high quality foam instead of fiber and is generally thicker than the standard pillow top. Euro-tops have an additional layer of padding sewn on the top of the mattress. Unlike the pillow top, the edges are stitched down along the tape edge of the mattress.

What are comfort layers?

Comfort layers in your mattress are the padding material on top of the mattress. This padding provides extra cushioning to make the mattress feel more comfortable. Comfort layers can consist of different types of fibers and foam, including memory foam and latex foam.

What is the significance of coils?

Coils provide the support you feel in a mattress. Coils can also be found in box springs. The coil count isn’t necessarily the most important aspect in a coil unit. Coil concentration and construction play a large role in the support your mattress will give.

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds means that there is no manufacturer warranty.  The mattress packaging was opened and has to have this seconds sticker on it.  These mattresses are discontinued, clearance, overstock, freight blemish, comfort trial mattresses, freight damage (fabric tear), cosmetic blemish or floor models. The mattresses upon delivery will have the seconds sticker on the box on any mattress delivery.

Why choose foam?

Many mattresses are made with various foam materials and no coils. Visco foam (aka memory foam) is foam that cradles and supports each curve of your body no matter how you sleep—side, stomach or back. A common complaint for this product is captured body heat. Latex foam offers the same cradling support but is natural foam made from the rubber tree. Many believe latex to be a cooler sleep. Latex is a great choice for people with allergies. The latex is a natural anti-allergen and anti-microbial material. Many manufacturers are also adding cooling gel layers to visco and latex mattresses.

Are all mattresses one sided and why?

Most mattresses manufactured today are one-sided. Simmons manufactured the first non-flip mattress in 2000. Other mattress manufacturers soon followed their innovative trend. The one-sided mattress is made of high quality foams and fibers for durability. The no flip mattress is convenient and hassle free.

What are the differences between a foundation and a box spring?

A foundation is a hard platform that rests beneath the mattress. A box spring is a coil unit that provides more resilience and works with the mattress. It is recommended to replace your box spring when you replace your mattress. We send a complimentary box spring with each mattress order.

What is the Difference in standard and low profile boxes?

Each manufacturer is slightly different. Low-profile box springs range in height from 4 ½” to 6”. Lower box springs are recommended for mattresses with thicker heights and pillow tops. Standard box springs are 9” high. Standard box springs are recommended for thinner mattress heights and pillow tops.

Do I need split box springs for my queen sized mattress?

Split queen box springs are half the size of standard queen box springs. They measure 30”w x 80.” It is recommended to select split boxes if you must move your mattress set into a room that is entered through a narrow hallway or stairway.

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